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Locomotive Hire & Lease


294kW (400hp) Shunting locomotives


  • Engine: English Electric 6KT of 294kW (400 hp)
  • Traction motors: English Electric EE 506 4B
  • Wheel Arrangement: C (0-6-0)
  • Weight In Working Order: 47 tonnes
  • Max. Tractive Effort 143kN (32,150 lbf)
  • Train Brakes: Air
  • Length: 9.068m (29' 9")
  • Maximum Speed: 30km/h (approx. 20 mph)
  • Remote Control: Equipment capable
  • Class Type: 08/11 - Gronk (UK), Lok 600 - Hippel/Bakkie (NL)

These rugged diesel locos (Rangeer Loks/Loc in the Nederlands), built to a standard British design (powered by English Electric 6KT diesel engines), have been the main diesel shunter in Britain and Holland for approximatley five decades - in both Industrial & Mainline applications.

Due to thier ease of use, ease of maintenance and high reliability these diesel shunters are popular with mainline operators and private railways - handling most requirements asked of them with ease. When used in conjunction with our turn-key maintenance (& even operation) solutions, these shunters can provide an effective low-cost hire or lease solution compared to new-build alternatives.

The six coupled wheelbase is capable of negotiating the tight radius curves found in many of the smaller yards and sidings.

Available for both long & short term hire/lease in Great Britian & Europe.

Additional options for hire/lease;

  • Re-painting into your own corporate colours.
  • Operator training arranged.
  • Certification to NS (Netherlands), Network Rail (UK) and other European rail standards possible.
  • Spare parts (new & reconditioned) are available. Overhaul of locomotives is possible - for both Industrial & Mainline use.

Please contact us for further details.



Are these locos unsuitable for your requirements?

Please contact us with your requirements & we will do our best to fuflfil them for you.